Whale Boi

2020 - Whale Boi

Whale Boi competed in FIRST Infinite Recharge. It was able to drive under the trench and shoot power cells into the high power port.

See more information on FIRST Infinite Recharge here


2019 - Neutrino

Neutrino competed in FIRST Destination: Deep Space. It was able to place cargo and hatch panels in the cargoship and the first level of the rocket.

See more information on FIRST Destination: Deep Space here


2018 - Clawboy and Rampgirl

Clawboy and Rampgirl participated in FIRST POWER UP. It is able to place cubes on the switch and scale as well as in the exchange.

See more information on POWER UP here


2017 - Pivot

Pivot participated in FIRST Steamworks. Pivot is able to pick up gears, drop them off at the airship, and climb during the final seconds of the match.

See more information on Steamworks here


2016 - Velocity

Velocity participated in FIRST Stronghold. Velocity is able to shoot high goals and breach all defences.

See more information on Stronghold here


2015 - Elevation

Elevation participated in Recycle Rush. Elevation is designed for bottom stacking and flipping totes.

See more information on Recycle Rush here


2014 - Momentum

Momentum participated in Aerial Assist. Momentum is a highly agile robot with a primary goal of finishing and imbounding.

See more information on Aerial Assist here


2013 - Murdock

Murdock participated in Ultimate Ascent. Murdock is a full-court shooter robot that aligns itself into a corner and fires frisbees from 54' away.

See more information on Ultimate Ascent here


2012 - Rex

Rex participated in Rebound Rumble. Rex is a feeder robot that picks up balls and sends them over the bump.

See more information on Rebound Rumble here