What is an AMA?

An AMA, short for Ask Me Anything, is an event open to the public where everyone is free to submit questions to a group of panelists. AMAs have a variety of purposes, from raising awareness for causes to providing public information. Ours is a bit of both: talk with members of FIRST Robotics Teams 4334 and 5015 to learn more about FIRST Robotics, their experiences, and the skills they learned!

Team 4334, designing a robot Team 4334 and Team 5015 Members

How do I get involved?

The AMA will be held July 25, 2020 through a Zoom Webinar.

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Connor Cecconi

Connor is an Alumni of 4334 and held the roles of Pit Boss, Mechanical Lead, and Team Captain. He continues to support the team as an Alumni Tech Specialist.

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Cool Kornak

Cool Kornak is an alumni of Team 4334 and a recent graduate of Bishop Carroll High School. He was formerly the programming and PR lead, and has spent more than 700+ hours with the team.

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Sanjay Jayaram

Sanjay is an FRC student on Team 5015, SWAT Bots, who used to be a member of an FLL team. He works on both electrical and mechanical on the SWAT bots.

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Stuti Garg

Stuti Garg is a grade 10 student who loves robotics. This was her first year on Team 4334 and she's very happy to have been able to work first hand on the robot, Whale Boi.